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조민구 창시자 및 지휘자 중앙고등학교 100주년 기념 초대 지휘

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조민구 창시자 및  지휘자  중앙고등학교 100주년 기념 초대 지휘


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조민구 창시자 및  지휘자  중앙고등학교 100주년 기념 초대 지휘
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Raymond M. Cho, Founder & Emeritus Conductor

The 44 years legacy behind the today’s of the Los Angeles Korean Philharmonic Orchestra(LAKPO) comes from its founder and director, Raymond M. Cho. Maestro Cho, a flutist by training, received his early musical education in his native country, Seoul, South Korea. As a young man, he was a flutist for the Korean Army Symphony Orchestra.  He received both his Bachelor and Master’s Degrees at the California Institute of the Arts.  Maestro Cho has taught at the Sherman School of Music as well as in the Compton High School District.  He served as the dean of the Eubanks Conservatory of the Music and Arts in Los Angeles.

LAKPO was established in 1969 and incorporated in 1993 under the leadership of Maestro Raymond M. Cho.  Since its inception, LAKPO has presented two to four concerts per year ranging from Asian Folk Music to Western Classical Music including fully staged opera productions.  LAKPO has performed regularly at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles, but has also performed in churches and other venues across Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

He has presented over 110 concerts featuring some world renowned soloists such as pianist, Ju Hee Suh and violinist, Dong Suk Kang, and choirs from Korea and from our local communities.  LAKPO has been invited to perform at functions such as the Inaugural Korean Festival in San Diego, the Annual Korean Festival in Los Angeles and the Easter Sunrise Service at the Hollywood Bowl.  LAKPO has presented innovative concerts such as the “Friendship Concert” which was a joint effort between the Korean-American and African-American communities in the wake of cultural turmoil and civil unrest in Los Angeles during the riots, featuring soloists representing both communities performing music of their respective cultures accompanied by LAKPO and an 80-member combined choir from both communities.  He was recognized by the government of the Republic of South Korea for his outstanding contribution to the Korean-American community in Southern California

Abroad, he has performed in goodwill concerts throughout Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Formosa, the Philippines, Okinawa and Vietnam.  In 1985 and again in 1989, he was invited to China to conduct the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and was appointed the permanent guest conductor of the Shen Zhen Symphony Orchestra.

The venues include such well-known concert halls, Freud Playhouse, the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and the Spreckels Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park in San Diego.  He has also performed on television and radio several times throughout his career.

His awards include the prestigious “Prix de Martell,” as the very first Asian conductor, among other recipients including the notables, Sir George Solti and Zubin Mehta. DNS Powered by

 LAKPO Office: 3123 West 8th Street,Suite 208 Los Angeles, California 90005 (213) 387-4632Fax:(213) 387-7025 email:

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